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Underwater focus problem – solution for Gopro Hero wideangle HD camera

This is the best solution to this problem available !!

No damage or adjusting the original housing, no warranty issues.

The port is removable and easy to put on.

The only solution recommended by Gopro agents.


I bought this camera with the hopes of easily capturing the things I see underwater but I was very disappointed when I found that the camera has soft focus underwater. Below you can see the reason for my frustration – soft focus !

Still image taken with a Gopro HD wide angle camera

With the corrective port - AMAZING difference

The two images above show exactly what the camera does underwater and what, using this corrective port , the camera can do.

This port does not change the original housing in anyway. It is removable and easy to fit

There is no unscrewing of grub screws, no replacing the lens and you wont cause the housing to flood

This solution is easy to use and you will retain all the original qualities of the camera

The port is easy to fit and I seal it to the camera housing with Prestik putty. This not a permanent fitting so if you are filming above water simply take the port off.

Just place a ring of putty or glue around the outer edge of the housings dome port and press the corrective port onto the putty and apply pressure.

All you need to attach and seal the port onto the housing

Sealing the port onto the housing

If there is a leak in your seal, simply try again . There will be no damage to the camera as it is still sealed in the original housing.

Hope it helps you enjoy your camera as much as I do, now

Cost is R250 (37 $) per port, including postage within South Africa.

Total cost is $57 including postage to anywhere outside of South Africa

Payments can be made using Paypal using the emails address

Contact me to order your lens



Posted on July 31st, 2010

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  • Steve Benjamin

    We’ve just launched comments on the website, feel free to drop yours on our posts.

  • Rob Hope

    Great article!

  • Stormmorgan

    Steve love your work man , had the same problem , looking forward to trying out your new lens fitting on my go pro .will chat soon to get one sent to me in N.Z.

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  • Ericvrp

    So how good does this work on let’s say a 30 meter dive with the added pressure and possible bending of the corrective port?

  • Steven

    I use this corrective port mounted on my speargun whilst freediving, I have tested it to a depth of 20m and there is no distortion. I am goign on a trip now to test it in blue water to much greater depths. I will post the results shortly. Thanks for looking at the page

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  • Pim

    any news as I need to know about greater depths as well before ordering….

    Grtzzzz Pim (Holland)

  • Justinrichardhart

    Hi Steve,

    Any update on how the corrective lens performs at depths in excess of 20m?

  • Graham

     Hi Stevecollected my lenses this afternoon and fixed them to my housings. one with silicon glue and one with the prestik putty in preparation for my trip to Aliwal Shoal next week where I’ll be giving the GoPros (and your lenses) a run for their money. I’ll report back on my return.

  • Graham

    as promised, feedback.
    the lens works a treat, sharp images and no distortion. i changed my mind on using your prestik and opted to glue the one lens on with PVC weld (like plumbers etc use). Good thing cause the camera & lens took a load of bites from black tip sharks, pole cam with bait to get them interested…
    There’s a bit of vignetting on the lens when the GoPro is shooting stills but its easily cropped out because its so slight.

    Justinrichardhart and Ericvrp asked about working at depth… while i didn’t notice any distortion i’m questioning why would you want to take the GoPro so deep? unless you’re working with good lights the GoPro’s inability to get a good colour temperature (it’s auto white balance) and the way it doesn’t like low light, are its down fall. so while the lens will hold out at depths below 20m the GoPro doesn’t! 

  • Graham

    see my post above – Graham

  • Steve

    Thanks Graham, I really appreciate the feedback. I’m so glad you got some good shark shots.
    I fully agree with what you’ve said about using the Gopro at depth, it just doesn’t work in low light conditions. I’ve also found that early morning and evening are no good.
    Happy filming
    Cheers Steve

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  • Lrnz Bnvntr

    Hi Steve, do you have s solution for the 3d hero system?

  • Andre!

    Hey! Looks good and I am liking the simplicity! I see the “With the corrective port – AMAZING difference” photo and there is something that looks like a reflection on the center-to-bottom left. Is this because of the chrome screws?

  • peterpan

    I think the reflection might have been there in the first pic as well but so out of focus you cant notice it :P. 

    Looks great. Order placed. Will give some feedback once I have tested it!

  • Peterpan

    As promised.

    Some footage of first test on 1080p from a dive at sodwana bay SA.

  • Traveler2oo8

    if the flat lens is fixed, can it be removed?

  • Traveler2oo8

    i mean if the lens is glued to the housing, how can it be removed?

  • Animaloceandiving

    Hi Traveler2oo8

    The lens is removable. Please have a look at the Video.